Bianca Cordova

Bianca Cordova
Education Chair
Bianca Cordova has been a resident of the Cabbage Hill neighborhood since 2006 and found her dream house when she was pregnant with her second child. She and her husband Josh Cogley are raising their 4 children in a house that once felt way too big and is now filled with enough books, legos, dirty dishes, and laundry piles that it no longer feels that way.

As a member of the Southwest Revitalization Plan’s Steering Committee, she acted as a Price Elementary School parent liaison, providing insight into the needs of the Price community. Her role as a SoWe board member is similar, only now as the Community School Director at Price, she is able to provide feedback from parents as well as teachers and administrators.

Bianca is also a professional photographer and has never become tired of documenting her neighborhood over the years. As the photographer for the local storytelling publication Revelo, she has been able to meet and photograph many community members who have inspiring stories and lives her life believing that everyone she comes in contact with has a story to tell.

Her love of her neighborhood and her kids’ school runs deep and she believes that this community is fun, resilient, and exemplifies the saying ‘team work makes the dream work’.