Stu Metzler

Stu Metzler
Executive Committee
Stu graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene College in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work. When he joined our Board he was the Director of Sales for Executive Coach, but last March he began a position in Business Development with a company in Maryland that he has had an ongoing relationship which is now a global company – Wisetek. He telecommutes and is also pleased to continue his role of public relations with Executive Coach on a part-time basis.

He supports several local non-profits, enjoys volunteering and has recently been working with Computers for Refugees to refurbish used computers. He is also the chair of the outreach committee at Laurel Street Mennonite Church.

Stu, his wife Laura and their three young children live on Cabbage Hill in the southwestern area of Lancaster City. He also serves on the Lancaster Health Center board and chairs their development committee.

Stu loves people, enjoys helping friends and families with their computers and finds joy in organizing events big and small. For almost thirty years he has been a supporter of positive hip hop and urban culture.

Stu started attending the meetings for our community when they began five years ago with Wes Farmer at the Lancaster Safety Coalition. He has been proud to be involved as a neighbor and through networking first with the neighborhood survey, as we processed the survey data and now on the Connections and Executive committees.