Isiah Perry

Isiah Perry
Neighborhood Connections Co-Chair
Isiah L. Perry is a community leader and proud native of Lancaster, Pa. His deep-rooted Lancaster heritage continually fuels his commitment to community enrichment and youth development. Recognizing the supportive village that shaped his own upbringing, Isiah seeks to offer Lancaster’s youth a parallel nurturing environment.
Isiah spent plenty of time on the 400 block of St. Joseph St, nurtured by his grandparents, especially his grandfather Manuel, a Permanent Deacon in Harrisburg ordained by Bishop Joseph T. Daily. While Isiah enjoyed his childhood with family and friends in SoWe, Manuel, known as Manny to friends, instilled values of love, compassion, and unity in his grandchildren. Besides serving at Historic St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Manuel’s commitment to the Latino community led him to work at Iglesia Católica San Juan Bautista and participate in St. Joseph’s Church.
Isiah found is calling in youth development. Beginning his journey at the Boys and Girls Club of Lancaster, his swift progression from a volunteer to Program Director marked his impact. Here, he pioneered a wide range of programs, spanning social recreation, arts, healthy lifestyles, and STEM. Isiah’s desire to work for an agency as diverse as the youth it serves led him to Bright Side Opportunities Center (BSOC). His current role as the Program Director at Bright Side Opportunities Center (BSOC) sees him passionately developing equitable STEM initiatives that actively dismantle gender and racial barriers.
Beyond his dedicated work in youth development, Isiah’s leadership extends across multiple community boards and committees:

  • Co-Chair of the SoWe Neighborhood Connections Committee, playing a central role in fostering community connections.
  • Active participant in the Millersville University President’s Commission on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion, championing inclusivity and cultural understanding.
  • Member of Global Shapers, a dynamic group of young leaders poised to bring about global change.
  • Chair of Team 24 Care for Creation Ministry at Bright Side Baptist Church, leading initiatives for environmental stewardship.
  • Ensuring the preservation of community narratives through the 7th Ward Oral History Board.
  • Providing crucial guidance and insights as a member of the School District of Lancaster Comprehensive School Counseling Advisory Council.

Isiah L. Perry’s multifaceted involvement underscores his profound commitment to Lancaster’s betterment and his relentless pursuit of equity, understanding, and community development.