Youth Bowling Club – Volunteers Needed


Coming this Fall – in partnership with Saint Joseph’s Catholic Club, SoWe will be hosting a 6-week Youth Bowling Club right here in the neighborhood (meaning no transportation needed). During these 6 weeks, up to 20 middle school kids will learn how to bowl* and how to keep score! Additionally, pizza will be provided during each session! However, before we open sign-ups for this wonderful, FREE, local sporting opportunity – we first need to find our volunteer leads (to ideally help all 6 weeks). We are looking for:  

·      2 Duckpin Bowling Instructors
·     2 Duckpin Scoring Instructors
·      4 Pin Reset-ers (these volunteers would need to get up and down staged platforms – as these pins do not automatically reset. Job best for teens/young adults. See second picture for reference)  

This Club will happen this October through the beginning of November 2024. And depending on the volunteers – will happen on Saturdays (10AM – 12PM) OR Thursdays evenings (6-8PM).   Please Note: You do not need to have prior Duckpin Bowling experience to be one of our instructors. However, we would cherish if one of our instructors was a past Cabbage Hill “roller.”   If you are interested in any of the above volunteer roles – please email Jacquie at Also, if you played in one of Cabbage Hill Leagues growing up, please also email Jacquie as we’d love to hear and re-retell some of your stories and/or have you as a consultant for our bowling instructors.  

*The Bowling Alley at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Club is for Duckpin Bowling. Duckpin bowling is a variation of standard 10-pin bowling with smaller and lighter bowling balls and shorter pins. This kind of bowling is rare (there are only about 50 active duckpin bowling alleys in the country) and a beloved part of our SoWe neighborhood’s history (in the past, leagues used to play in the Saint Joseph’s Club bowling alley 6 days a week).